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Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

Paralegal services are only available to legal professionals to avoid unauthorized practice of law (UPL).

Del Information Services, Inc. is an alternative to hiring additional in-house legal assistants on a short-term basis. We provide a cost-effective alternative.

Formal legal training began in college in the mid-seventies. Practical paralegal-type experience has been gained as a business owner and corporate president through much of the 1980's through 1990 and since 2001. As executive director of Injured Workers' Alliance since its 1998 founding, considerable time has been sent studying and documenting Oregon statutes, administrative rules, and case precedent in numerous areas. Other advocacy efforts over the past three decades have added to experience.

Formal training includes over sixteen months of full-time paralegal studies at a Portland area college. An Associate of Applied Science Degree was earned.

Hire Del Information Serices for an enthusiastic, highly-skilled, and hardworking team member with excellent communication skills.

The fee is negotiable or $25.00 per hour. A 16-hour minimum contract is required. In-house services are only possible in the Oregon counties of Clackamas, Marion, Multnomah, and Washington whereas off-site services are available to all.

Ernest Delmazzo
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