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Database Programming

A database is defined as a collection of data or body of information that is organized so that its contents can rapidly and easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

The most prevalent type of database is the relational database, a tabular database in which data is defined so that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways. Tables can be related to each other by "joins" between "key" fields. This means that data from two or more tables (for example, a table containing customer data and a table containing invoice data) can be joined in a single result set. The end result is that data is stored more efficiently and queries execute more quickly and with greater flexibility.

Although present-day applications enable most users to accomplish the basics such as importing data; exporting data; adding, changing and deleting records; selecting and sorting records; etc., expert knowledge and experience is required in the design phase, especially when comprehensive data management capabilities are required.

Whether you need an internal or Web-based database, Del Information will program you one that's a custom fit for your organization. Among the applications we use are MySQL, FileMaker Pro, and Microsoft Access. For those on a budget, we also program with DBMan. To find a programmer for other applications, visit

So if you want to keep track of clients better, improve invoicing and employee or volunteer record keeping, or bring automation to your Web site, use our form for a free quote.

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